Poise and utility, clean-lined and modern, and just enough of the unexpected to be uncommonly special. We don’t try to mimic the past. We don’t aim for mass appeal. We create flourishing places for people who want something different, something more responsible, something better. Hopefully, you’re one of them.

We create simple, light and open dwellings for the many lifestyles that don’t mesh with the majority of homes being built. 

We believe every home should be healthy, well designed and energy efficient. We believe that size isn’t everything. We believe that good design and quality can be affordable. We believe homes should both inspire and enable.


We engage in the creative work of intentional development in focussed areas. We enhance communities by adding dwellings of architectural significance that add beauty to neighbourhoods, as well as contribute to social and economic vibrancy.

We assemble, direct, support and challenge talented people to be imaginative, solve problems, and work together to create exceptional places to live. We’re effective in getting projects going, managing stakeholders, understanding budgets and timelines, navigating planning requirements, and overseeing construction processes. 

We facilitate broad consensus around opportunities, bridge emerging to established, and ultimately, make strong projects superb. We listen, build connections, break down silos/ barriers, and bring diverse voices out.

We manage much on behalf of others – people, processes, places and resources. Our work provides opportunities for exceptional living and exceptional relationships. We treat people well, look out for the interests of others, care about excellence, strive to serve.

We provide above average returns, secured by real estate and free of the volatility of stock market alternatives. If you are not happy the performance of your current investments, ask us to show you how to do well for your portfolio, and do well for a local community.

We love to collaborate to make strong things superb. If you are a land-owner, developer or investor exploring new opportunities and options, get in touch. We champion mutually beneficial relationships that serve all stakeholders – residents, neighbourhoods, developers, service providers and investors.